Taylor Hotel History Ocean Park WA: A Century of Coastal Hospitality

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Nestled in the quaint seaside town of Ocean Park, Washington, the Taylor Hotel stands as a testament to the rich history and cultural heritage of the Pacific Northwest. Built in 1887, the storied edifice was originally operated by William and Adelaide Taylor and functioned as a bustling boarding house and hotel through the early decades of the 20th century. Your curiosity about historical buildings would be richly rewarded with a visit to this landmark which has witnessed over a century of Ocean Park’s evolution.

Today, the Taylor Hotel embraces its legacy by housing Adelaide’s, a unique combination of a coffee shop and bookstore. Your experience at Adelaide’s not only offers the opportunity to enjoy quality refreshments but also to immerse yourself in the local lore, as the establishment pays homage to Adelaide Taylor, an integral part of the hotel’s history. The building’s revitalization as a community hub symbolizes Ocean Park’s dedication to preserving its historical roots while adapting to contemporary needs.

As you explore Ocean Park, the experience at the Taylor Hotel serves as a bridge between the past and present. It is one of the town’s enduring structures from the early days, offering you a tangible connection to the lives and stories of its original inhabitants. The hotel’s endurance is a celebration of Ocean Park’s historical significance, a place where you can get a glimpse into the bygone days of Washington’s coastal life.

Historical Context of Taylor Hotel

In Ocean Park, Washington, the Taylor Hotel holds a significant place in the local history, marked by its establishment by a pioneering family, expansion in the 1900s, a devastating fire, and subsequent renovations that transformed the landmark over the years.

Establishment in 1870

In 1870, your journey through the history of the Taylor Hotel begins. During this time, Washington was still a territory before achieving statehood, and the country was reconstructing from the Civil War. The Taylor Hotel’s inception is tied deeply to the family that founded it and the era of territorial road expansion that facilitated travel and commerce within what would soon become the United States’ 42nd state.

Taylor Family Legacy

The Taylor family, after whom the hotel is named, are integral to the hotel’s history. They carved out a prominent role for themselves in this part of the country, with the family’s patriarch initially involved in operating stage lines, which indicates strong ties to the land and the community they served.

1900s Expansion and Renovation

By the 1900s, the hotel experienced growth and transformation. As the new century unfolded, the Taylor Hotel expanded to meet the rising tourist influx, reflecting the country’s increased mobility and affluence. Your appreciation for the hotel’s architectural evolution is piqued by renovations that introduced more modern amenities and a confirmed revival of the building’s original charm later restored.

The Fire and Aftermath

The history of the Taylor Hotel is not without tragedy, for a fire inflicted significant damage upon the establishment. However, the aftermath brought renovation efforts that not only repaired but modernized the structure. These renovations serve as a testament to the community’s resilience and commitment to preserving its historical landmarks.

Architecture and Design

Your journey through the architectural landscape of the Taylor Hotel in Ocean Park, WA, reveals a blend of historic charm and modern redevelopment. You’ll uncover the essence of its original Victorian design and subsequent transformations that have both preserved and revitalized this iconic landmark.

Original Structure and Features

The Taylor Hotel, also known as the Taylor House or W. D. Taylor House, is a testament to Queen Anne-style Victorian architecture. Built in the early 19th century, its distinctive features include:

  • Decorative fish-scale shingles: A hallmark of the Queen Anne style, adding texture and visual interest.
  • Wraparound porch: Encircling the hotel, inviting guests into a bygone era of leisure and community.
  • Corner tower: Serving not just as an architectural focal point but also as a symbol of the era’s grandiosity.

Design and Construction Changes

Over the years, your Taylor Hotel has seen thoughtful renovations to maintain its historical integrity while modernizing facilities. The key changes include:

  1. Restoration of historical elements: Craftspeople worked meticulously to repair and retain the hotel’s original Victorian features.
  2. Conversion for contemporary use: Transitioning the old hotel into a new coffee shop and bookstore called Adelaide’s, honoring the hotel’s significance in Ocean Park’s communal life.

Cultural Significance

Your visit to the Taylor Hotel is not just a step into a historic building; it is an immersion into the cultural tapestry of Ocean Park, Washington. This section will help you grasp the hotel’s unique role in shaping the local community and its proud inclusion in regional walking tours.

Hotel’s Role in Local Community

The Taylor Hotel has been an enduring fixture on Long Beach Peninsula, serving as a beacon for tourism and community life. Established in the early twentieth century, it was a hospitable institution that welcomed numerous visitors to the burgeoning township of Ocean Park. The hotel’s role transcended mere lodgings; it became a social center that reflected the town’s growth and resilience.

For nearly 40 years, the hotel benefitted from the stewardship of Adelaide Stuart Taylor, after whom the current business—a bookstore and café—has been named. This personal connection with local history reinforces the hotel’s significance as a community gathering space. In its renovated form, the Taylor Hotel continues to foster a sense of historical continuity within the modern community.

Inclusion in Walking Tours

Your exploration of Willapa Bay‘s rich past is enriched by the Oysterville Walking Tour, which prominently features the Taylor Hotel. The walking tour invites you to discover the architectural and cultural landmarks that have defined the peninsula, with the hotel serving as a noteworthy waypoint.

The hotel’s presence on the tour underscores its importance as part of the area’s historical fabric. It is a physical narrative, telling the story of the Long Beach Peninsula, from the bygone era of stagecoach drivers to the present-day tribute within a store that celebrates the region’s heritage. While the Taylor Hotel is not currently listed on the National Register of Historic Places, its historical value on the tour offers a tangible connection to the local narrative and the evolving identity of the peninsula.

Geographical and Demographic Information

In this section, you will find essential information regarding the geographical location and demographic details of Ocean Park, nestled within Pacific County, Washington. You will discover the particular area Ocean Park covers and the zip code relevant to the region.

Ocean Park and Pacific County

Ocean Park is situated on the Long Beach Peninsula in Pacific County, which is located in the state of Washington. This census-designated place (CDP) is known for its proximity to expansive bodies of water, including the Pacific Ocean to the west and Willapa Bay to the east. Encircled by water, Ocean Park boasts scenic landscapes and a serene environment suited for both residents and visitors alike. As per recent census data, Ocean Park had a population of approximately 1,900 residents, reflecting a small but engaged community.

Area and Zip Code

Ocean Park spans an area of roughly 3 square miles, offering a balance between rural charm and accessibility to nearby amenities and natural attractions. The region is designated by the zip code 98641, making it simple for you to identify addresses and locations within the area. Whether you’re interested in local real estate, planning a visit, or considering business opportunities, Ocean Park’s compact size fosters a close-knit and neighborly atmosphere.

Modern Day Taylor Hotel

At the heart of Ocean Park, you witness the transformation of a landmark steeped in history. The Taylor Hotel, a name synonymous with heritage, has been revamped to become a vital part of the community once more.

Restoration Efforts

In your exploration of Ocean Park, you’ll find that the old Taylor Hotel at 1401 Bay Avenue has seen extensive restoration. Local craftsmen were engaged by Cyndy Hayward for its rejuvenation, ensuring that the historical essence is preserved. It now boasts an inviting space for both residents and tourists yearning for a hint of the past weaved into modern comforts.

  • Address: 1401 Bay Avenue
  • Notable Features:
    • Historic architecture
    • Community-led restoration
    • Blending of old charm with new amenities

Taylor Hotel in Present-Day Tourism

Your leisurely walks along Bay Avenue in Ocean Park are enhanced by stops such as the Taylor Hotel. Now functioning as Adelaide’s, a cozy coffee shop and bookstore, it provides a unique experience where you can savor tea and literature. Envision yourself relaxing in a space where the Loomis Stage Line once played a part in the building’s storied past. Today, Taylor Hotel signifies a revitalized historic home, contributing to the fabric of local tourism and enriching your visit with its preserved character.

  • Current Use: Coffee shop and bookstore named Adelaide’s
  • Historical Significance: Former stop for Loomis Stage Line
  • Visitor Experience:
    • Gourmet tea and coffee selections
    • Curated local and historical literature
    • Warm, inviting atmosphere for relaxation and conversation

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